About Us

F.V. Evans & Sons manufacture the Evashred range of mobile and stationary shredders and accessories. We also offer full engineering services including computer aided design & CNC Machining.

'We incorporate CNC Machining with a full Engineering Workshop to offer you a complete service whenever you need it.'

From anywhere in the world, you can send us plans or drawings and we will manufacture it at an affordable price internationally, and to our high standards.

New Zealand has a relatively low labour and materials cost structure and sea or air freight is getting cheaper and more efficient by the day. This allows anyone in the world to fully utilise our skills and expertise at a really competitive price.

The Evashred Shredders are only a small selection of the type of work which we do. We will take on large projects or small ones, from one of jobs to mass production runs. Some of the projects we have worked on  in the past have included the manufacture of foot bridges, Locomotive inspection platforms, Logging equipment, Vehicle Manufacture Jigs, automotive turntables for cars and trucks fitted into buildings or residential driveways, Radial Saws and more. We are fully qualified to incorporate electrics, hydraulics and pneumatics into our products.

All of our work features unique and innovative thinking. We will quote or advise without any obligation so contact us for more information www.evansengineering.co.nz.

Customised Engineering Solutions